Working towards a healthier, happier future for Irish Electrical Contractors.


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NECI Membership Benefits


An Ensured Future

The future is never certain, and it’s never been more important to remain prepared and educated as the industry changes - for better or for worse. The NECI are equipped with the legal knowledge to educate our members on the developments that affect their businesses, and to represent them should they find themselves embroiled in a dispute.



Help and Advice

There are many issues that can negatively impact electrical contractors if left unaddressed, which is why we are committed to providing expert advice to those who feel left in the dark. Whether it’s with difficulties obtaining payment, short time working issues, or confusion regarding the various taxes – our decades of experience and know-how are at your disposal.



How do I apply to become a member of the NECI? 
You can fill out and submit a membership form right here on our official website.

Are there different membership plans?
We offer four membership brackets, each one designed to meet your specific needs as a member. You can change your bracket at any ti

Do I have to operate on a large scale to qualify for membership?
No, the NECI mostly deals with SME (small-to-medium sized enterprises) contractors who are underrepresented.

How often do NECI meetings occur?
We plan to hold more countrywide meetings in the near future as required by members. Until then, we’re always ready to hear from you and are easy to contact via our contact page.

What is the current status of the Sectoral Employment Order (SEO)?
Following receipt of a request pursuant to Section 14 of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015, and having had regard to the provisions of Section 15 (2) and (3) of the said Act of 2015, the Labour Court hereby gives notice of its intention to conduct an examination of the terms and conditions relating to remuneration and any sick pay scheme or pension scheme applying to workers in the Electrical Contracting sector.

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