NECI Challenge Labour Court once again over SEO


A Labour Court application for a sectoral employment order (SEO) which will have drastically negative effects on the electrical contracting industry is once again being challenged by the NECI, and it has never been more important for electrical contractors all over Ireland to stand together and overturn this damaging legislation.

The SEO, which would see smaller contractors being forced to pay the same conditions as much larger and affluent firms or face legal action, has been backed by the AECI and ECA and was kept relatively quiet as it moved forward through the courts.

This would effectively force smaller contractors out of the market and create more business for the privileged few.

Only 229 electrical contractors in the entire country are supporting the SEO, which should say everything about the dictatorial nature of this disastrous employment agreement. In order to overturn the SEO and fight back against the blatant bullying of those acting in their own interest, the NECI wish to unite electrical contractors to take a stand against the measures.

We are asking you to take a survey which, when completed by a substantial sample of the Irish electrical contracting industry, will be presented to the Labour Courts in an effort to ensure that this SEO does not see the light of day. Take the survey below and let’s strike it down and once again show them that this is not a one-size-fits-all industry.

To see the SEO submission in full click here.

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