High Court Announcement - Thursday 15th August 10.30am


We have been informed that Justice Meenan will deliver his decision on the NECI Interlocutory Injunction application this Thursday 15th August at 10.30am in the High Court Dublin.

The NECI, with our legal team has attended the High Court on the 16th and 17th July in Cork and Dublin on the 24th July and Friday 26th July for the conclusion of summations in the Interlocutory Injunction request.

Our legal team represented the concerns of the NECI electrical contractor excellently. 

The interlocutory injunction we are seeking is to prevent the SEO (SI) from becoming legally binding on the 1st of September until the NECI concerns have been fully considered by the court and a decision on the Judicial review proceedings are made.

The Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) in question would criminalise electrical contractors who do not pay the same conditions to their employees as much larger firms.

An interlocutory injunction is a court order to compel or prevent a party from doing certain acts pending the final determination of case. It is an order made at an interim stage during the trial, and is usually issued to maintain the status quo until judgement can be made.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the case.

Thank you for your continued support. Keep spreading the word, together we are stronger.

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