SEO High Court Case Gains National Coverage


The NECI’s campaign against the potentially industry-destroying Sectoral Employment Order received national coverage in The Irish Times last week.

The articles, both published on the 17th of August, highlighted the conditions of the SEO, what we, the NECI, believe it means for the industry as a whole, and what we’re doing to block it at every possible juncture.

The cleverly titled “Electricians threaten to spark crisis in building industry” summarised the on-going legal battle to block the SEO, highlighted our recent victory in The High Courts, and examined the possible outcomes for the entire industry should we be successful in blocking the SEO.

Regarding the possibility of overturning a law that was already in violation of the constitution to begin with, the writer so amusing notes: “It would be ironic if NECI was to win its case on constitutional grounds. Not only that, it would – once again – make our legislators, many of whom are lawyers, look constitutionally illiterate.”

We will keep you updated on the progress of the case and any coverage surrounding it.

Thank you for your continued support. Keep spreading the word and we will ensure this SEO does not come to fruition.

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